Tin Roof Cafe Langata

Tin Roof Cafe Langata is a vibrant and inviting dining destination nestled in the heart of Langata at the Langata Link shops. This charming outdoor cafe exudes a lively atmosphere. Making it the perfect gathering spot for friends & family to enjoy a delectable and wholesome meal. We are amongst the best restaurants in Langata region. 

When you step into Tin Roof Cafe Langata, you’ll be greeted by a diverse menu of healthy and flavorful dishes. From superfood salads and wraps to burgers, pizza sandwiches, and refreshing smoothies, every item is crafted with fresh ingredients and a genuine love for food. Whether you’re seeking a light and invigorating breakfast or a satisfying lunch, Tin Roof Cafe has an array of options to cater to your cravings.

The cafe’s allure extends beyond its mouthwatering fare. Families and friends can come together and enjoy their time at the cafe, while little ones can have a blast in the dedicated kids’ playground. With a team of friendly and attentive staff, Tin Roof Cafe ensures that every visit is a memorable one. Whether you’re seeking a casual brunch or a lively lunch with friends, this cafe is the ideal destination to unwind, dine, and create lasting memories.

Moreover, Tin Roof Cafe Langata’s strategic location in the heart of Langata adds to its appeal. Situated amidst a bustling area, the cafe offers a convenient and accessible option for those seeking a healthy and flavorsome meal. Its popularity within the local community is a testament to its commitment to quality and taste.

Tin Roof Cafe Langata beckons food enthusiasts and families alike, offering a delightful and wholesome dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. From its inviting atmosphere to its delectable cuisine, this cafe has become a cherished fixture for locals and visitors seeking a delicious and enjoyable meal. Plan your visit to Tin Roof Cafe Langata and relish the enticing flavors and warm hospitality that await you.
Our takeaway salad box is GREAT for those days when you want to be healthy but you don’t have time to stop…

Since we opened our doors it’s been the epicenter and focus of our menu. To this day all our Mains are priced to go with our salads; a daily selection of 5 “super duper” nutrient packed bowls of goodness. We are giving them a little facelift and serving them with a new offering of tasty toppings from fried chili 🌶 and garlic to toasted seeds and dressings. So. Very. Good.

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