The Arbor is a bustling, environmentally conscious garden cafe and marketplace that is well-known for its wide selection of delicious food and energetic atmosphere. Mornings in this sanctuary are welcomed with the enticing smell of a hearty English breakfast. Every bite of this dish, which includes golden eggs, crispy potatoes, buttery toast, and sizzling bacon, is a symphony of sensations that will hopefully start your day in the most delightful way imaginable. We rank among the top eateries in the Lavington area.

But breakfast isn’t the end of the fun. The Arbor becomes a bustling center of activity on Fridays. Live music fills the air as the sun sets, preparing the audience for an amazing evening of leisure and fun.

The Sweet Chili Snapper dish is a mouthwatering composition that strikes the ideal balance between sweetness and heat, making it one of the culinary gems offered at The Arbor.

With a delightful menu, bottomless Mimosas, Happy Hour festivities, and live music, The Arbor is not just a cafe; it’s an experience waiting to be savored and shared. 🎶

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