Nestled within the University of Nairobi’s College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, Shamba Café & Shop stands as a unique culinary haven in Nairobi, Kenya. This farm-to-table restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience, merging global inspiration with local flavors. Situated on a 2-acre plot within a vast 500-acre farm, Shamba provides a serene escape from the city’s hustle, embraced by fresh air and a diverse array of trees and birdsong.

Shamba Café & Shop welcomes patrons for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, with delightful brunch offerings on weekends. The restaurant opens its doors at 9 am daily, with Mondays being the sole day of closure. Boasting an inventive menu, Shamba entices diners with weekly specials, wood-fired oven pizzas, and tantalizing weekend BBQ delights. To complement the culinary journey, Shamba offers an extensive wine selection catering to diverse palates and a bar stocked with essential beverages. For an added zest, their creative cocktail list adds an exciting twist to the dining experience.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Shamba houses a captivating shop spotlighting delicacies and products sourced locally in Kenya, including selections from the University itself. This unique shop grants visitors the opportunity to savor locally grown and crafted items, with the option to take these treasures home. The garden center at Shamba adds a distinctive touch, offering an array of herbs, plants, tree seedlings, succulents, pots, worm bins, and organic inputs. This feature allows patrons to infuse the farm-to-table experience into their own living spaces.

Shamba Café & Shop warmly embraces families, providing ample space for children to play and roam freely. Even furry companions find a welcoming haven here, complete with a designated dog run. The establishment offers indoor and outdoor seating, with garden tables providing a more relaxed dining ambiance. Noteworthy are Shamba’s Saturday farmer’s markets, showcasing locally grown and handmade products. Additionally, every Wednesday, organic vegetables sourced from EcoScapes in Naivasha are available for patrons.

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