Rhino River Camp

Nestled in the extraordinary Meru National Park, Kenya, Rhino River Camp beckons you to a unique, up market lodge experience. Rhino River Camp serves as your perfect base to explore the complete wilderness of Meru Park and encounter the rare and endangered rhinos at our Rhino Sanctuary Gate.

Our camp features a total of 7 tents, each designed to provide an exclusive and serene experience. Five tents, crafted from sumptuous caramel canvas and sustainably grown wood, are raised on platforms above the gentle Kindani River, creating a tranquil ambiance. An additional 2 tents are located away from the river, facing a natural forest, catering to those seeking a retreat from the sound of running water. Two river facing tents boast private ‘zen’ areas, offering a space for meditation, reading, or simple relaxation.

The contemporary design of Rhino River Camp complements the African landscape without being intrusive. To enhance your stay, we offer a swimming pool, a well stocked bar, and a restaurant area. Nature trails meander through our private 60-acre wilderness, inviting you to explore the forest on foot or bike.

Rhino River Camp allows you to witness the Big Five and more within minutes of leaving the comfort of the camp.

Five of our uniquely designed canvas tents are suspended among the trees along the Kindani River,  Two additional tents are nestled in the forest, providing an intimate connection with the riverine environment.

Immerse yourself in the equatorial forest ambiance at Rhino River Camp, where the swimming pool, situated next to the stream, blends seamlessly with the sounds and sights of the nearby river, providing an enchanting experience of being one with nature.

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