Peponi Hotel is located on the serene and remote island of Lamu in the Indian Ocean. Peponi Hotel stands as a testament to coastal charm and sustainability. The hotel is owned and operated by the Korschen family and has a captivating origin story rooted in destiny.

The journey of Peponi Hotel began with Aage ‘Lemmy’ and Wera Korschen, former farmers in upcountry Kenya. They stumbled upon the old building on their final holiday in Malindi in the 1960s. Forced to leave their land during Kenya’s independence they sought a new purpose. After exploring various options and considering leaving Kenya for Argentina. Aage decided to visit the Lamu Archipelago, a coastal region he had always been drawn to.

For Peponi Hotel sustainability is not just a buzzword it’s a way of life. The hotel’s menu is intricately woven with the tides reflecting a deep commitment to supporting the local community.  Preserving the delicate marine ecosystem. Their dedication to sustainable fishing practices ensures that the seafood served is not only of the highest quality. But also harvested responsibly minimizing the impact on marine life and their habitats.

The hotel collaborates closely with trusted fishermen who share their vision ensuring that the oceans remain healthy and abundant. Due to the seasonality of their produce Peponi Hotel’s menu is ever evolving. Adapting to the availability of fresh ingredients. Their culinary offerings represented in classics and Chef’s specials. Tempt the palate and invite guests to indulge in the flavors of the ocean.

Peponi Hotel invites guests to a dining experience that goes beyond taste, Each dish tells a story of the ocean, the land, and the passion of the people behind this remarkable coastal gem.

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