Lemura Lounge & Grill

In the heart of Gilgil town, night owls and party enthusiasts discover their sanctuary at Lemura Grill & Lounge.

Lemura Grill & Lounge has solidified its reputation as the ultimate destination for partygoers in Gilgil. From the latest chart-toppers to timeless tunes, Lemura’s playlist keeps the dance floor alive and kicking.

Yet, it’s not merely about the music; Lemura is equally celebrated for its exquisite cuisine and beverages. The menu is a delightful fusion of flavors, catering to every palate. And in the realm of drinks, Lemura takes pride in offering a diverse array of options that won’t strain your wallet, ensuring that the good times continue to flow.

A standout feature of Lemura Lounge & Grill is its lineup of talented DJs. Showcasing some of the finest in the 254, the beats spun here guarantee an evening of continuous movement and grooving. Saturdays, in particular, are a highlight, featuring DJ Naima and the electrifying performance by DJ Carlos Kenya, also known as “The Champion Boy,” promising an unforgettable night.

Lemura Grill & Lounge transcends being a mere venue; it embodies an experience. It’s where friends unite, where music breathes life, and where every night transforms into a celebration. The team at Lemura is devoted to ensuring that every patron departs with a smile, transforming Lemura not just into a lounge but into a home for Gilgil’s party enthusiasts.

For an unparalleled night filled with exceptional music, delightful company, and fantastic vibes, Lemura Lounge & Grill stands as the pinnacle of Gilgil’s nightlife scene.

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