Located on the sunny beaches of Diani Beach, Africa’s most coveted beach resort since 2014, welcome to Kenya Kite Surfing School. This stunning spot creates the perfect atmosphere for an exciting kitesurfing trip.

At Kenya Kite, we combine enthusiasm and experience to expose you to the exhilarating sport of kitesurfing. Our specially designed programs and camps are appropriate for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, regardless of ability level. To meet your specific needs, select from a variety of programs, including stand-up paddleboard classes, fun group sessions, self-riding chances, and private tutoring.

Our staff of instructors, which includes champions from all levels of the sport, makes sure that your kitesurfing experience is not only thrilling but also extremely safe. We make sure you have top-notch gear for your workouts by providing cutting-edge equipment from well-known manufacturers like Slingshot, Shaman, M-day, Saul Custom Board, and SUP.

Diani Beach is a perfect place for novices and freestyle enthusiasts to enjoy the perfect stretch of white sand beach and calm cross-onshore winds from the ocean. Experienced surfers can find exhilarating reef waves barely a kilometer offshore, which can amp up the excitement of your kitesurfing trip.

To improve your experience, our kite center has a restaurant that serves delicious African and European food, as well as a fully stocked bar that serves cool drinks. After your kite sessions, unwind and rejuvenate while taking in the breathtaking beach atmosphere.

In addition to being subject matter experts, our teachers have received extensive training in wave etiquette, board positioning, water safety, and wave expertise. Their knowledge guarantees that you will receive both guidance and encouragement during your kitesurfing adventure, allowing you to advance and improve your abilities.

Kenya Kitesurfing School is calling to all skill levels of kitesurfers, from beginners keen to learn the fundamentals to experienced riders seeking new challenges. Come along for an amazing time kitesurfing on the captivating Diani Beach shoreline, where the wind will take you to new heights of pleasure and excitement.

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