Nestled in the vibrant Marsabit Plaza on Ngong Road, KAI – The Sushi Restaurant is a culinary gem that marries authentic Japanese flavors with innovative fusion creations. Specializing in the art of sushi-making, this restaurant is not just a dining destination; it’s a celebration of gastronomic exploration. We are one of the best Shushi restaurants in Lavington region

The name ‘KAI,’ meaning a fateful meeting, sets the tone for the experience that awaits patrons. The restaurant’s ethos revolves around delivering happiness through quality food to everyone. Collaborating closely with producers, KAI ensures the journey from farm to table is not just safe and secure but also incredibly delicious.

Among their exquisite offerings is the ‘PORK KIMCHI,’ a golden combination of pork and kimchi, a dish that has become synonymous with indulgence. For those inclined towards vegan delights, the ‘TOFU KIMCHI’ offers a raw, naturally fermented, and wholesome option, rich in flavors and goodness for the gut.

Adventure-seekers are in for a treat with KAI’s ‘pan-fried Squid legs,’ a dish bursting with bold flavors, perfect for pairing with a refreshing beer, promising a culinary journey that satisfies the thirst for something new and exciting.

KAI – The Sushi Restaurant invites both families and friends to share in their culinary discoveries. With a deep appreciation for the trust placed in them, the restaurant promises to deliver their best every time a guest chooses them. A heartfelt ‘Thanks a lot’ accompanies every meal, making KAI not just a restaurant but a destination where flavors meet gratitude and every bite tells a story of dedication and passion.

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