Hotel Tobriana

Nestled along Jacaranda Close at the edge of Ridgeways in Nairobi, Hotel Tobriana stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and authentic Kenyan hospitality. This meticulously designed hotel offers a discrete luxury living experience, embodying the spirit of warmth and adventure from the moment guests pass through its gates.

A Tranquil Retreat

Hotel Tobriana exudes a sense of familiarity and comfort, inviting guests into a realm where private roads wind through lush gardens, and the air is filled with the melodies of birdsong. The ambiance is one of unceasing adventure, promising a sanctuary away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Authentic Kenyan Ambiance

Constructed with rustic Kenyan materials, Hotel Tobriana embodies authenticity, style, and uniqueness. The ambiance mirrors the comfort of one’s home, with an added touch of luxury. Each corner resonates with the rich heritage and culture of Africa, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and silently appealing.

Culinary Delights

Hotel Tobriana takes pride in its culinary offerings, showcasing a diverse array of original Kenyan dishes alongside international cuisines. From the tantalizing aroma of nyama choma to the comforting flavors of irio and mukimo, every dish is a celebration of Kenyan culinary heritage. The main restaurant welcomes guests to indulge in sumptuous buffets or a-la-carte dishes, while the terrace restaurant offers a purely a-la-carte affair, where every bite is a testament to the chef’s artistry.

Serene Dining Experience

The hotel’s bar and lounge, nestled in private gazebos near the swimming pool, provide a serene dining experience. Here, guests can enjoy the sultry breeze and savor dishes that are not only nutritious but also deeply satisfying. The dining experience is crafted to be unique and private, ensuring every moment is memorable.

Meetings & Events

Hotel Tobriana offers state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, including Conference Hall 1, equipped with top-tier audiovisual equipment. This spacious hall, with a capacity of 250-350 attendees, is perfect for corporate functions, wedding receptions, talk shows, and church services. The hotel’s conference package includes essential amenities such as tea/coffee sessions, projectors, public address systems, writing materials, and free Wi-Fi. The dedicated staff ensures that every event is meticulously organized, promising an experience that exceeds expectations.

At Hotel Tobriana, every stay becomes a tale, weaving together the elements of luxury, authenticity, and memorable moments. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a destination where stories are crafted, and experiences are etched into memory.

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