Enaisho Kitchen & Lounge

Enaisho Kitchen & Lounge is an entertainment establishment situated in area 46, Ngong, Kajiado County. We offer a range of services to cater to your needs and provide a memorable experience.

Enaisho Fresh Cars is our car wash and car cleaning service. We offer both auto and manual car wash options, ensuring your vehicle receives a thorough cleaning. For those seeking an extra level of care, we also provide Xtreme car wash services.

At Enaisho Kitchen, you can indulge in our authentic culinary offerings. We specialize in Nyama Choma, a delicious grilled meat dish popular in Kenya. Additionally, we serve Mutura, a traditional sausage, and various soups. Pair these delectable dishes with Ugali, a staple Kenyan food made from maize flour.

Enaisho Ambience is designed to cater to your desired atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a lively party or prefer a laidback setting, our lounge offers different options to suit your vibe. Relax and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Visit Enaisho Kitchen & Lounge for a memorable experience where you can enjoy mouthwatering cuisine, have your car looking its best, and unwind in a setting that matches your desired ambiance.

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