Shopping for Back to School in Kenya

Shopping for Back to School in Kenya

The Festive season has passed and the year 2024 is here. Many parents are now preparing to take their kids to school and this comes with the hustle of purchasing books, uniforms and shoes. These items can be quite expensive, especially on the month of January. Let’s look at some of the shops that sell these items at affordable items.

  1. Savani’s Book Centre

Savani’s Book Centre is located in the heart of Nairobi CMD, along the Ground Floor, Lagos/Latema Road Nairobi. This bookshop has better prices of textbooks compared to other bookshops in Nairobi. Their prices are affordable and they have a variety of books. Apart from their prices, you will find if not all but most of the books your child needs in this bookshop.

  • Prestige BookShop

Prestige Bookshop is located in Nairobi CBD, along Mama Ngina St, Nairobi. This bookshop does not have a variety of books compared to Savani’s Book Centre. Their prices are also fair and not that expensive. Prestige Bookshop is arguably smaller compared to savanis. Prestige also sells exercise books, pencils, rubbers and many more stationery. They currently have a 50% discount on Non-Fictional titles and a 30% discount on Fictional Titles. You should check them out before the offer expires.

  • Text Book Centre

Text book centre is the biggest bookshop in Kenya with many branches across Nairobi and in other counties. In Nairobi, it has branches in some of the biggest malls in Kenya including Sarit Centre, Garden City, The Hub, Thika Road Mall and The Village Market. it also has a branch in Kisumu County at United Mall off Jomo Kenyatta Highway. Though their prices are a bit expensive compared to the rest, Text book Centre has everything you need. It has a surplus of books and if they don’t have it they will guarantee they will have it within a certain date. Their customer service is amazing and you will get assistance as soon as you request. Their bookshop is properly stocked like a supermarket and you can pick the books from the shelf. They also sell other stationary and IT staff like computers and printers in the bookshop. You can pay via cheque but will have to wait for the cheque to mature so that you can pick the items. Currently, they have a back to school giveaway, you should check them out.

  • Educate Yourself Ltd- Bookshop

Educated yourself Ltd is located in Nairobi CBD. This is the smallest bookshop compared to the four above. It does not have a lot of books compared to the ones on top but their prices are a bit fair. They sell textbooks, exercise and a few stationary items at the bookshop. They have good customer service.

When it comes to purchasing shoes for school kids none other but Bata has dominated this market. Bata has been around for as long as I can remember and still running strong. Bata has branches all over Kenya and their shoes are long lasting. Prices at Bata are fair and they also sell expensive shoes if you want those. One advantage of Bata is the shopping experience at Bata shop is amazing. Their employees make you feel like a king or queen and if you don’t know your shoe size they will measure for you.

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