Mama Ashanti Waterfront nestles in the serene environs of Karen, a tranquil sanctuary removed from the urban clamor. As you step foot into the mini-mall housing this culinary gem, a symphony of fragrant aromas wafts through the air, harmonizing with the tranquility that permeates the surroundings. We are amongst the best restaurants in Karen region. 

The restaurant exudes a contemporary ambiance that seamlessly blends African charm with international influences, captivating guests with its interior adorned with a magnificent mural that encapsulates the essence of West African tradition. Cozy booths beckon patrons to settle in and relish the company of friends and family. The affable staff ensures a warm welcome, while the authentic West African cuisine, as fresh and tantalizing as the fare at Mama Ashanti Lavington, delights the taste buds.

Catering to families, Mama Ashanti Waterfront presents a Kids Menu and an array of captivating activities for children. Slides and swings, go-karts, a splash pool, Zorb balls, a PlayStation lounge, and a paintball field promise boundless amusement. The Eko Lounge, an integral part of Mama Ashanti Waterfront, stands as an idyllic space to unwind with a drink or two while indulging in the exhilaration of sports. A captivating display showcases an extensive selection of wines sourced from across the globe. Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, guests are treated to an experience reminiscent of cherished, distant kin, enveloped in a tapestry of hospitality, delectable cuisine, and captivating entertainment.

Mama Ashanti Waterfront is a haven that beckons seekers of tranquility and epicurean delights alike. Its idyllic setting, coupled with the allure of authentic West African cuisine and a plethora of recreational offerings, guarantees an unforgettable sojourn. Whether savoring a midday repast or embracing the allure of an evening feast, guests are embraced and pampered, their experience akin to that of cherished out-of-town relatives.

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