Welcome to Cocorico Bar and Restaurant, the ultimate destination for relaxation, exquisite dining, and affordable indulgence. Conveniently situated on 1st Avenue, Mirema Drive, Thika Road, Cocorico Bar and Restaurant stands as a beacon of hospitality, offering a perfect blend of services that caters to every patron’s desire for leisure and entertainment.

Walk in and Walk Out Wines and Spirits: Cocorico Bar and Restaurant houses an impressive selection of wines and spirits. Whether one is a wine enthusiast or a lover of classic spirits, Cocorico’s bar promises a delightful journey for the taste buds. A simple walk in ensures a departure with a satisfied smile, all thanks to their carefully curated collection.

Car Wash Services: For those seeking not only a delightful evening but also a sparkling vehicle, Cocorico’s car wash services come to the rescue. As patrons revel in the ambiance, their cars are meticulously cleaned, ensuring they leave both refreshed and satisfied.

Chill Spot with a View: Cocorico transcends the definition of a mere bar; it is a haven where patrons can unwind and absorb the ambiance. Whether one craves beachy vibes, a carnival atmosphere, or simply desires to bask in the sun, Cocorico has the ideal spot. Their outdoor seating areas are meticulously designed for enjoying sunny days and starlit nights, promising a memorable experience.

Delicious Food Selection: At the core of Cocorico’s ethos lies the understanding that good food is the cornerstone of every memorable experience. Their menu is a testament to this belief, featuring delectable dishes that cater to diverse cravings. From mouthwatering pasta to hearty soups and savory steaks, every item is crafted to please the palate. Patrons are also encouraged to save room for dessert, as Cocorico’s cakes and sandwiches are nothing short of a treat.

Affordable Drinks: Cocorico recognizes the need to keep the good times rolling without burdening one’s wallet. Hence, their drink menu encompasses a wide range of affordable options. Whether one prefers beer, cocktails, or anything in between, Cocorico ensures that indulgence remains within budgetary constraints.

Cocorico Bar and Restaurant is not just a venue; it’s an experience. Whether patrons seek a quick drink, a sumptuous meal, or simply desire a relaxing evening with friends, Cocorico Bar and Restaurant stands ready to deliver. Their convenient location on 1st Avenue, Mirema Drive, Thika Road, beckons all to join in the festivities and elevate their nightlife experience. Cocorico – where fun meets flavor, and every moment is infused with warmth and delight!

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