Established in 1952, Blue Room stands as a culinary icon in Mombasa, renowned for its rich heritage and exceptional dining experiences. What started as a modest venture focused on serving outstanding tea, bhajias, and BR ice cream has blossomed into a beloved café offering a diverse array of cuisine from around the world.

Blue Room holds firm to a tradition of unwavering quality, providing patrons with delectable dishes at reasonable prices. Every item on their menu is meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients, ensuring a delightful experience for even the most discerning palates. Over the years, this establishment has become a melting pot, bringing together people from various cultures and backgrounds.

The menu at Blue Room is a testament to their global inspiration, featuring carefully curated dishes from diverse culinary traditions. From breakfast delights to tantalizing chicken poussin, their offerings promise a feast for the senses. Noteworthy mentions include their Blueberry shake and Kiwi shake, as well as the aromatic and flavorful Mandi dish, a culinary gem reflecting the Arabic heritage.

Blue Room boasts three branches, each offering a unique and inviting atmosphere. Located at Haile Selassie Road, Likoni Mall, and Nkrumah Road, these venues provide not just exquisite meals but also serve as perfect event spaces. Whether it’s a family gathering, corporate event, or a milestone celebration, Blue Room’s catering services ensure a seamless experience. From pastry breakfasts to high teas, their culinary expertise shines through, making every occasion memorable.

Join Blue Room Mombasa and embark on a culinary adventure that promises exceptional flavors and a warm, welcoming ambiance. Experience the fusion of tradition and culinary innovation on your plates, making every visit a delightful journey through diverse global cuisines.

Keep Calm & Latte On.

Haile Selassie Road – 0797 272727
Likoni Mall – 0728 769598
Nkrumah Road – 0700 907363

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