Education Shows For Toddlers

Do you have a toddler at home glued to the TV and you are wondering if the shows on the TV are safe for them? We have listed a couple of shows that are engaging and educational for kids. These shows are safe and have been tailor made for toddlers.

Here is a list of some of the best educational shows recommended for 2 years to 5 years old kids.

  1. Ms. Rechel

Ms Rechel is amongst the popular kids shows on YouTube. Ms Rechel focuses on using baby songs, nursery rhymes, and plays to encourage speech and language development. She has many songs including the ones she composed herself. Your child will learn how to pronounce certain words, learn letters, and learn the different colours. Her shows “Songs for the Little” are toddler friendly and educational. This is my top recommended show for kids who have tried and tested. Ms Rachel has 7.82 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

You will find Ms Rechel on this link provided

  • NumberBlocks

The number is another popular kids’ show on YouTube. NumberBlocks teaches kids about addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. They use block animation characters to show kids how to add or subtract. Number Blocks is entertaining and educational at the same time. This channel has 7.45 million subscribers on YouTube.

You will find NumberBlocks on this link

  • Stillwater

Stillwater is a kid’s show on Apple TV+. It helps to relax kids and settle down. It is more so of a meditation show for kids to keep kids relaxed. Their music is smooth and the theme of the show is gentle on a young one’s mind. They also show kids how to relax through instructors and animation. The show is very engaging for the little ones. You will hear rivers flowing in the background, birds chirping, wind blowing, and even leaves rustling in the wind.

You will find Stillwater on Apple TV +

  • Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts is a kid’s show that will teach your kids about different species of animals and make them want to explore nature. It is an animation show with two characters Chris and Martin Kratt on adventure. It is more about science, nature, and learning about animals. They could be inside a submarine deep in the ocean exploring different species of fish in the ocean, or in the savanna learning about animals living there. Each of their episodes combines education, science, and the animal kingdom. On this show, your kid will know more about animals, their habitat, and what makes them unique. Make your kids interested in exploring and learning with Wild Kratts. Take them on a safari from your living room. This channel has 1.74 subscribers on YouTube and still growing.

You will find Wild Kratts on PBS, Amazon or YouTube

  • Bluey

Blue is perfect for children from 2 years and above. On each episode of Bluey, highlights Bluey an Australian blue heeler puppy, and her family “mum, dad and sister Bingo” as they embark on an adventure in imaginative play and learning how to do life together. She uses her limitless energy and imagination to discover, laugh and play with all of her friends and family. If you are worried is Bluey is safe for children, Bluey is pretty much safe for all kids of all ages.

Youtube –
Bluey – ways to watch full episodes: Disney – ABC Kids – BBC iPlayer –

  • Alpha Blocks

Meet the Alphablocks, a lively group of 26 living letters on a magical learning journey! They’ve discovered that when they join hands and create words, something truly enchanting happens. Packed with adventures, catchy songs, and delightful silliness, Alphablocks makes learning about words an absolute blast all while laying a strong foundation in essential phonics skills. Alpha Blocks have 2.26 million subscribers on YouTube

Find Alpha Blocks using this link

  • It’s Circle Time

It’s Circle Time is another show almost similar to Ms Rechel. Here kids learn nursery rhymes and toddler education. Your kids will also learn about counting numbers, letters, colours, animals and many more. It is a channel with 86 thousand subscribers.

You will find It’s Circle Time using this link

NOTE: Regulate your kid’s screen time

Other awesome channels or shows that are good for entertaining kids include Storybots, Superwings, blaze and the Monster Machines and Trash Truck

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