El Orange Lifestyle Drunk and Disorderly – Lessons Learnt

Drunk and Disorderly – Lessons Learnt

Drunk and Disorderly

Storytime: Drunk and Disorderly

When I got my first job I had money and I was young and didn’t bother about savings. When I received my salary I could give my mum a certain amount, set money aside for transportation and rest went to enjoying life. On the job I got I never worked in the office, I got recruited to be posted on a certain site.

Every day I would report in the office and then go to the site assigned to me. Another colleague of mine who was recruited was also assigned a site that was close to me. We used to get money for transportation but chose to walk and save the funds. On Fridays and Saturdays, we did not go home immediately after work. I do not know how we started but we used to go to a certain joint. We had toured many clubs before but this was relaxing and after going there for too long the bartender knew us.

Every weekend we were his regular customers. Sometimes we used to bring some of our colleagues but they did not enjoy this lifestyle. When things got heated up in the club we used to sit outside. We left our bags with the bartender and sat outside where there was a cool breeze. The owner of the club invested in some plastic chairs and all of a sudden many of the people were sitting outside.

Sitting outside was somehow dangerous but we were two big men nothing scared us. Sometimes other people were on the same table as us when the club was packed. When you are drinking you make friends and you don’t mind other people sitting with you. We could just chill with them but everyone enjoyed the drinks they had bought.

There was this day we drank and for a moment I realized my friend was not at the table with me. I waited for him but he never showed up. So I decided to look for him inside the club but he was not there. When I went to pick up my bag from our favorite bartender he told me that John had already picked his bag. Thus I left the clubs and it was drizzling outside. I managed to walk to the stage boarded the Matatu and went home. Inside the matatu is when shit started to happen. It seems I drank a lot of alcohol and my body wanted to remove the toxic waste.

Without warning I puked on the bus. I was embarrassed but I could not control myself. It was not a lot of puke because I was on an empty stomach. The conductor did not even harass me regarding the situation. When I reached home my brother was the one who opened the door. My mum had already gone to sleep. I took a shower and washed my trousers which were messed up and then slept.

The next day we were to go to a different site to do some preventive service and maintenance on servers. I did not have a problem waking up early. When leaving the house, I drank some hot water and went and bought Mandazi on my way to work. I was to meet John at work so we could go to the site together. Reached work on time and John was not there, waited for him but he never showed up. I tried calling him on his two phones but all his phones were off. I was now getting worried about him.

I asked one of the staff who was in the office to go with me. So we went on site and did the job. I still was trying to reach him but his phone was off. Remember I never saw him leave the club. After we finished working I returned to the office and waited until noon. I knew that he was not going to show up now cause on Saturday we normally close early at noon. I left work went home and slept until my phone woke me up. It was John calling at around 4:00 pm. He asked me if I picked up his bag, and I told him I did not. Apparently, he reached home with only his socks on his foot, his bag disappeared, his phones were stolen and he was hit in the face.

John liked girls a lot, and I feel there is a girl who might have tricked him and he followed her to his fate. This usually happens along that road where we used to sit. Some girls used to come in groups and seduce you and if you were weak they would end up stealing from you. John managed to find his work ID and government ID after someone came across his wallet on the road and called the office.

Somedays later John went to the same venue again without me. He was there drinking by himself when a group of guys wanted to beat him up. The bartender tried to calm down the situation but these guys wanted war. During the fracas, a gentleman who used to come to that joint with a motorbike arrived. He knew both of me and John, since we were the regulars and used to sit together. When he saw these guys wanting to beat John up he tried talking with them. They started charging towards him, this dude took out a pistol from his leather jacket. All of a sudden it was quiet and you could only hear the music playing. Everyone returned to their seat because no one wanted to smoke. When you see that hole in the piston aimed toward you, you become a saint. He proceeded to buy his drink and left on his motorbike. Everyone else who had seen what had happened started leaving one by one. Even John decided to leave because he felt the cops might be called and he would be asked to take them to the gentleman who produced the gun. That was the last time we went to that venue.

The last time I checked it was closed. I guess other things had happened there leading them to close the business.  

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